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about The Society for Atlantic Fan Cultures

The Society for Atlantic Fan Cultures is a non-profit organization based in the Canadian Maritimes, whose primary function is to host gatherings that bring together individuals from unique fanbases.

Our most well known event is Animaritime - an annual three day convention in New Brunswick that is the only anime & video game convention of its kind on the Canadian east coast.


Upcoming Events
Animaritime 2014TBDTBD

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Past Events
Animaritime 2004March 19-21, 2004Sackville, NB
Animaritime 2005February 25-27, 2005Sackville, NB
Animaritime 2006February 24-26, 2006Sackville, NB
Animaritime 2007February 23-25, 2007Dieppe, NB
Animaritime 2008March 7-9, 2008Moncton, NB
Animaritime 2009March 6-8, 2009Moncton, NB
Animinitime (Halifax)April 25, 2010Halifax, NS
Animinitime (Moncton)July 17, 2010Moncton, NB
Animaritime 2011July 1-3, 2011Moncton, NB
Animaritime 2012June 29-July 1, 2012Moncton, NB
Animaritime 2013June 28-30, 2013Fredericton, NB


The Society for Atlantic Fan Cultures is proud to be a non-profit organization with 100% of our proceeds going towards funding of future events and local charities.

For the past two years, SfAFC has been a supporter of the IWK Health Centre Foundation. We have raised thousands of dollars through our charity auctions and raffles that have directly contributed to the well-being and comfort of children and their families across the Maritimes.



“Meet Your Manga”The Coast, week of April 22-27, 2010
Written by Shannon Fay (read online)


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Friday, June 28, 2013 (read online)

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Photos and video - Coming Soon


For more information about Animaritime 2013, e-mail info@animaritime.org. Questions or concerns about registration can be e-mailed to registration@animaritime.org. Any other questions or comments can be sent to their respective staff member(s), or to chair@animaritime.org.